April 2021

April 2021

9:30 – 11:30 am  THE SANDY BACK PORCH BAND   

Traditional bluegrass the way it’s supposed to be played. Prepare to chuckle at their humorous gardening tunes. They are the home of lightning guitar leads, three-part harmony, hotter than fire banjo leads, and flying fiddle tunes. 


Girl Scouts from all different troops and different counties who come together to rehearse and perform year round.  Their songs include pop parodies, patriotic favorites and holiday classics. 

1:00 – 4:00 pm – TREE FROGS

The Tree Frogs band is a classic rock duo that performs faithful renditions of great tunes from the 1960s and ‘70s. Tom Lee and Mike Ciello began playing together in 2006 and have performed over a thousand times to rave reviews from their fellow Baby Boomers. Their influences include The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby Stills & Nash, Neil Young and the British Invasion.

4:00 – 5:00 pm – BRUCE SARAFIAN


April 2021

11:00 – 11:45  3MPOWERED

Female vocal singing trio called 3mpowered (pronounced "Empowered") that sings covers of mainly pop songs. “We want to perform songs with the goal of showcasing female empowerment, hence our group name. We really want the group to reflect females in a positive light and be positive role models for females in this community.”

12:00 pm  -12:45  RILEY RESA

Riley Resa is a 17-year-old singer/ songwriter. She wrote her first song “Broken” at 15 and has released her 2 singles “The Only One” and “Can’t Take It With You”. She Is excited to also be working with DME Orlando  recording and writing music. You can follow her @rileyresa on all social media forums.


Jazz - Patriotic, Spiritual and Classic American pop songs everybody knows. Toes will tap and hearts will sing as you revisit songs you might not have heard in a while.These musicians have played for decades at Walt Disney World, on the paddle-wheeled cruise ships  on the Mississippi, in clubs in New Orleans, and as members of Rosy O’Grady’s Good Time Jazz Band at Church Street Station in Orlando



Musicians playing between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm on Saturday and noon and 3 pm on Sunday on Plant Street

April 2021

10am - 4pm - Davis McGee

Genre: Alternative

singer/songwriter, born and raised in Orlando. Already a veteran of more than 800 live shows, he’s been a full time working musician since turning 18. Davis has been featured as a solo artist in over 40 central Florida venues, including hundreds of bookings directly with Disney, at downtown Orlando live music venues, and on specialty music cruises.

10am - 4pm - Scotty Long

"Professional musician primarily in the Central Florida area, where I was also born and raised.  I have been studying and playing music for 20 years,  a one man band style show,   I play pretty much every genre of music.  From rock, folk, funk, pop, alternative, country, and even a couple of jazzy tunes!  I also play a wide variety of cover music from the 60’s to today.  I also play my own originals.”

POSTPONED until Fall

10am - 4pm - John Lee Wyatt

Singer/Songwriter with acoustic guitar -- originals, indie rock, & blues

“Growing up, The house WAS music. Father-Drummer Mother-Singer         All 5 Sisters-Singers. All of the family and family relatives were saturated with music and was the beating heart that bonded all of us. Took me a while to come around to my musical side. My father taught me how to write a song. That song was 'Melancholy'. “

10am - 4pm - Captain Harry Hann

Captain Harry, a singer/songwriter, author and producer from south Florida, has recorded and toured with hundreds of artists over the US, Canada and the Caribbean.  His music is a blend of rock, soul, jazz and reggae.  His style could be best described ass Floribbean.


April 2021

And there is  MORE!  Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 2:00  


This educational display will again feature live owls and other birds of prey, called raptors, and present important information about Florida’s native and migratory raptors.  These unique presentations appeal to all ages.  Check out their website at www.arc4raptors.org  They will be at the festival both Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 2:00.

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